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Keeping Jewish Heritage Alive Through Literature

International Initiative in the Literature

A Sponsorship opportunity that will live on for years.
Is there any value closer to the best of Jewish culture than perpetuating the memory of our older generations through the publication of literature describing their times to the younger generations which follow us?

Reflecting an old Jewish tradition of teaching, learning and handing down the experience of the past, Jewish Heritage identifies older writers and survivors, as well as diaries and personal correspondence preserved in archives, and offers the necessary support structure to bring them to a wide readership.

In a widely publicized and competitive search, highly talented Jewish writers and editors with proven acumen in publishing come under donors’ support to bring invaluable unpublished memories to fruition. To each project, Jewish Heritage provides research and editorial assistance, as well as a vital a literary and intellectual circle where issues of content and methodology are shared and discussed.

All book projects are subsequently promoted and publicized with the support of Jewish Heritage and its partners and collaborators.

These are the steps you, your corporation or family foundation can take to sponsor a Jewish Heritage book:  

1.  Provide Jewish Heritage stipends and fellowships in the sponsor's names.
Donors and sponsors provide stipends to talented young Jewish writers and editors to work with the immigrant and survivor generations on their memoirs. Residency units are in blocks of $6,000. All resulting books bear the sponsors names. 
Smaller donations can be assigned directly to the editorial preparation, design, printing, binding and distribution of specific books.

Contributions can also be made toward the Jewish Heritage Book Fund which endows books the editors chose to give priority in coming to publication.

These accounts reach tens of thousands of readers and bear our heartfelt thanks to the contributors whose commitment to Holocaust Remembrance and generosity made the books possible.

Distribution and promotion
Jewish Heritage promotes and distributes its books widely, using two major American distributors to sell into the retail chains, including Barnes & Noble, and through and other on-line booksellers. Additionally, it helps coordinate press and media outreach as well as community programs.

2. Endow the World Jewish Memoir Series
Which includes first and second generation Holocaust memoirs from around the world. These works from countries such as Greece, Italy, France, Brasil and many others, are to be translated from the original language and represent a tremendous contribution to the history of world Jewry in the 20th century.
Without the support of organizations like Jewish Heritage, they will never reach the North American audience.

3.  Sponsor a literary gala, in New York
   or your home city.
Click on link to public programs for information on the innovative literary evenings Jewish Heritage is co-producing with the Center for Jewish History. Your support can help in the creation and presentation of these programs in New York, and the premiere in your own city. Contact Jewish Heritage to receive further details.


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